L’instant Spa, your relaxation centre in Nice, will take care of your hands and feet, whether you’re male or female. Come and discover our wide range of services for the beautification of your hands and feet.

Quality treatments for your hands

Enjoy a moment of tranquility and relaxation during which your hands will be pampered and beautified by our team of professionals. Come and discover our exceptional services for radiant hands:


Full manicure 26€
+ regular nail polish color 31€
+ semi-permanent SHELLAC polish 47€
Extra hands exfoliation 11€
Extra paraffin treatment 16€
Full manicure with regular nail polish French style 36€
Laying regular color 11€
Laying regular French 16€
Semi Permanent Package: Pusch cuticules+filing+laying   32€
Remove semi-permanent SHELLAC   6€
Remove strong semi-permanent 16€

We maintain and take care of your hands, so that your natural beauty can be revealed. With L’instant Spa, show your elegance all the way down to your nails.

Gorgeous feet with L’instant Spa

Our beautician’s expertise and skills can guarantee the most stunning feet! Our exceptional treatments have been designed to answer to every desire of our clients:


Full feet beauty treatment 36€
+ regular nail polish 41€
+ semi-permanent SHELLAC polish 57€
Supplement Parrafin 16€
Scrub supplement 11€
Supplement Calluspeeling (antihorn and callus treatment) 20€
Full feet beauty with regular nail polish French style 46€
Semi Permanent Package: Pusch cuticules+filing+laying 32€
Laying regular French 16€
Laying regular color 11€
Remove semi-permanent SHELLAC 6€

Pay a visit to L’instant Spa in Nice for a moment of well-being and relaxation.

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Beauty all over, all the way down to the nails