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Indoceane Ritual

Indoceane Ritual: at the heart of the Orient – 1.5 hours

rituel indocéane-1Close your eyes and let yourself drift away on the path to the Orient, and into a dream of serenity. Sacred Lotus and QI-Marine, which relaxes cellular stress, combine to enhance this sensuous feeling of serenity.

Beauty treatment ritual: 1.5 hours

  • The Mediterranean. A sweet and savoury exfoliating body scrub with hints of citrus.

Immerse yourself in a blend of delicious fragrances to reveal softness and natural beauty. Sea salts, brown sugar, and essential oils.

  • India. Tranquility on the banks of the the Sacred Ganges, a sacred massage.

Forget any tensions, stress, and what makes you angry, and let yourself be carried away by the ultimate massage where percussion, friction and deep smoothing come together.

  • China. The temple of beauty, a smooth body wrap.

Achieve that perfect glow and radiate with sublime beauty…Wrap yourself in a smooth and creamy texture for infinite soft and velvety skin.

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