According to a study carried out by Drs. Manstein and Anderson from the Harvard Medical School, the cooling of fat cells below 7°C would trigger a phenomenon that would gradually cause them to be destroyed and eliminated. From this scientific research, a new slimming and localized cellulite treatment was born through a controlled cold application for a short duration of 45-60 minutes.



The cryo-modeling process specifically targets adipocytes in order to cool them to a low temperature, enough to naturally trigger a self-destructive process, called apoptosis, in these fat cells. This intense cooling does not, however, affect the surrounding tissues (nerves, muscles, skin, etc.) in any way because the required temperature to crystallize the lipids from these adipose cells is much higher than the temperature that would be needed to freeze water in others types of cells. Once crystallized, the adipose cells enter into an accelerated senescence phase and they are naturally eliminated by the body in the following weeks. This, in fact, considerably reduces the thickness of the fat layer in one treatment without surgery and anesthesia, and causes no pain or social eviction. During the session, we simply place the adapted applicator on the area to be treated. The excess fat is sucked by the machine in order to press it against the two refrigerating panels.

An intense, but completely tolerable, cold is felt in the treated area for the first few minutes of treatment. Then the feeling of cold disappears and the treatment is totally painless. In general, one treatment is sufficient to remove bead of fat or excess localized fat but, if you need it, the treatment can be repeated and its effects are cumulative. The treatment is aimed at both at men and women who want to reshape their body without going through invasive treatments, limited diets or unsustainable fitness programs. Our device is particularly powerful and equipped with two applicators, adapting to all curves on whatever part of the body: sides, belly, inner thighs, upper and lower back.




Cryo-modeling is not a generalized weight loss method but an effective slimming and localized cellulite treatment. Areas of fat around the abdomen, waist, thighs, knees, arms, back, stomach, “love-handles”, and cellulite all around the body can be treated. One or two sessions are required, and exceptionally three, in some cases. Noticeable results are seen in 30-40 days, leaving you enough time to know if you need an additional session.



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Results achieved 2 months after the session





This treatment requires no effort from the patient, it is painless and easy to tolerate. It doesn’t require you to take any time off work.



Minor side effects including a feeling of distension and cold during the first few minutes of the treatment; Then, when this stops, there is a feeling of anesthesia on the treated area, for a few minutes; Redness on the skin may last for a few days. There is a possibility of hematoma on the treated area, which will disappear in a few weeks.



  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women, elderly, children
  • Morbidly obese, extreme flaccidity
  • Umbilical and inguinal hernias
  • Allergy to cold
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Hypoproteinemia
  • Severe diabetes, liver disease
  • Pacemaker, metal implants
  • Dermatitis, injury, skin inflammation, recent scarring
  • Varicose veins, arteritis of the lower limbs Menstruation
  • A cryotherapy session less than a month ago
  • Tattoos or piercing on treated areas
  • If in doubt, seek medical advice

CRYO COOL MED: H. Pierantoni Innovation Prize 2015


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