THALGO Integrative Silhouette and Slimming treatments


Slimming, firming and anti-cellulite

2862hd A moment of relaxation combined with slimming techniques. The manual palpate and roll technique supplemented by the active ingredients of Logo-Thalgo PNG products, gives exceptional results in a few sessions. Unlike “machines”, the manual palper-rouler technique adapts perfectly to each morphology and sensitivity to obtain optimal results. Our practitioners have been specially trained for these techniques. Thanks to its pure and concentrated active ingredients, with the complete Logo-Thalgo PNG product line and specific working methods, these treatments help to find the right balance of well-being, leaving you with glowing, firm and healthy skin.



Cellulite correction treatment: 30 min anti-cellulite massages on targeted and determined areas, according to your needs and advised by the practitioner.
–  Cellulite Cure Correction: For best results, 10 x 30 min treatments.
– Cellulite, Excess Fat and Slackening Sculpt treatment: 15 min body wrap session followed by a 30 min massage adapted to your needs.
Cellulite correction, excess fat and slackening treatment: 10 alternating sessions (5 x 45 min sessions and 5 x 30 min sessions)





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