Rituals from around the world: journey of the senses 1.5 hours

Our “Rituals from around the world” are complete body treatments of 1.5hours and are made up of 3 phases:

– an exfoliation

– a body wrap

– a massage

Thanks to the ambience, oils and natural and scented exfoliators, these treatments will take you to the 4 corners of the world.

Choose your destination and enjoy your journey for your relaxation and enjoyment:

Afrique 3

  • Scandinavia, for the lovers of nature & freshness (virtues: Draining & relaxing): Bark Green Leaves exfoliation, body wrap of shea butter and green leaves, a relaxing massage
  • Dubai, with Amber Sandalwood (relaxing and repairing): Sugar Nuggets and Sandalwood exfoliation, body wrap of shea butter and Amber Sandalwood, a relaxing massage.


Rituel Maldives

  • Maldives, underneath the coconut trees (with reconstructive virtues): coconut exfoliation, body wrap of shea butter, a relaxing massage.
  • Latin America, spicy and sparkling journey with mandarin zest (anti-stress, invigorating, anti-cellulite and draining): Popping candy and mandarin exfoliation, body wrap of shea butter and mandarin, a relaxing massage.

Rituel Ile de la Réunion


  • Punta Cana, with mango (stimulating): sugar and mango exfoliation, body wrap of shea butter and mango, a relaxing massage.
  • Reunion Island and its vanilla: black sand and vanilla exfoliation, body wrap of shea butter and vanilla, a relaxing massage.


Also available are the Polynesian ritual to take you to Tahiti or the Indian Ocean ritual that will make you travel to the Orient (see the 2 specific descriptions).





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Rituals from Around the World

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